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Jul 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
out on trayvon martin case today. toda >>> spitzer is running forunninr office again, we will tell you u the bizarre connection he has hs with one of his opponents. po >>> and redskins quart back, ba robert griffin the third a a married man. but more people are talking about the video he made after ma the ceremony than the wedding itself. >>> hey, laura i'm in richmond, virginia, standing outside of the redskins training facility. we will take you and show you yu what the fields look likes and video, that included guest appearances of governor robert mcdonnell. that as the news continues.  inside and hernandez is chargede with child endangerment, shent,e left her eight-month-old son in- a car for six hours friday whilh she went to work. she didn't notice that the babea hbabywas in the car until she wo pick up 1 of her other children she rushed the baby to the babyt hospital but the baby did not survive. >>> several witnesses testified aboutse the 911 calls recorded e night trayvon martin was killed we have more from the courthous in sanford, florida.ida. >>> i met jorgie at mo
Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
that the trayvon martin was on top of th neighborhood watch volunteereer straddling him during the fatala confrontation. >> if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest, so that is a fact that if you know the clothing i two to four inches away, it's existent with someone leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> dr. vincent de mayo testifying about zimmerman's injuries. >> i think you have six identifiable injuries, the two lacerations on the back of thehc head, the impact on both templep lesions, that is full on. the nose, and the forehead is 6. >>> meanwhile in an evidencen hearing earlier today, the defense saying it wants to use an animated depiction of the deadly fight, at least the lasth couple of minutes, but the judge clearly annoyed postponing the t rest of the hearing and her decision until later tonight. >> 45 minutes, no. >> we will afterwards, i'm not having the jury sit back here for another 45 minutes doing nothing. >> prosecutors don't want this jury to see this animation, saying it's inaccurate, itcurate doesn't show
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2